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#IZABELLA (Domestic Violence Awareness)

Trini Elev8,AbombMusic

Dealing with a violent household is something that no human should ever have to deal with,but yet I lived in one and experienced violence on nearly a daily basis growing up in Trenton New Jersey from my father abusing my mother both physically and emotionally. It has become my mission to end domestic violence for all people no matter race,creed religion or ethnic background because violence gives no respect to any of those statistics and is a universal epidemic.

Please help me by sharing this song and bringing more awareness to the victims of this heinous act so more men and women can find the courage to make a step towards freedom and get help to leave their horrible situation of emotional and physical torment before it’s to late.We are all one human family and should look out for one another with love and respect.Proceeds will be going towards the "National Coalition Against Domestic Violence". #IZABELLA
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