Never underestimate the strengths of a survivor.

Overcoming the struggles of being raised in a violent New Jersey household with an abusive alcoholic father wasn’t going to be easy, but Trini Elev8 knew it was possible.  Discovering his connection to music early-on, he played violin in a band in elementary school and realized that his creativity offered him an escape from the everyday grind of battling it out at home; a way to express himself & vent his troubles.  Eventually his passion for music would evolve further into Rap/Hip-Hop, & he’s never looked back since.

Freestyling his way to his own freedom, the Trinidadian lyricist started writing his own rhymes around eighteen years-old, using his music as his own cathartic form of therapy & self-healing in addition to writing words designed to inspire others.  Positively breaking ground in conscious Hip-Hop, Trini Elev8 has played more than 250 shows direct for the people – and written/recorded well over 1000 songs.  Now residing in Orlando, Florida – Trini Elev8 is an established and reliable source of pure entertainment in the local-scene and throughout the world online through the release of multiple singles/videos on his channels & music hot-spots throughout the internet.  Leading the way by example, the incredible work-ethic and determination of this wild emcee knows no limits – every day he’s in front of the mic is a day he’s moving forward towards that next-level…and he’s ready to bring each & every one of you with him.  Music has shown Trini Elev8 the path to a better life and now he’s proudly serving the greater good.