Music is his WEAPON and his chosen form of SELF EXPRESSION.



Trini Elev8 who’s real name is Roger Hayban was born in Trenton, NJ on September 23 1988.Which makes him one talented Libra lol. But, he now resides in Orlando,FL.His parents where both born in Trinidad and Tobago, an island located in the West Indies rite next to Venezuela.His mother and father came to the United Stated in 1987.


Growing up Trini has a good but not so good child hood.He played with the Neighborhood kids and had fun like a regular kid, but his home turned into hell on a frequent basis.His father was an abusive alcoholic.Trini up until this day suffers from the detrimental impact that his child hood left.


His love for music started when he was first introduced to band at a young age in elementary school.His first instrument was the flute and then he moved to the violin.Music resonated with him on a level that he has never experienced before.He use to get so lost in his “Jam Sessions” that he would be the last person the leave the auditorium where him and his team practiced at.


As Trini got older he got introduced to Hip Hop and the art of Rhyme.He soon began freestyling with his friends.It was around the age of 18 that Trini started to write his own rhymes.Around that time he was hanging with his boy Julio who lived not to far from him.Julio had a studio with a Mic,MPC,Recorder and Speakers.Being in this type of environment stimulated Trini’s urge to pick up the pen and Write.


While at Julios Trini was exposed to rappers such as Vinnie Paz and Killah priest.Other influences of Trini are rappers such as Immortal Technique, Talib Kweli, Mos Def (blackstar is a classic album!),Brother Ali, Evidence, 2Pac, Biggie, KRS ONE and many more.Trini was also influenced by Reggae and Soca music from growing up in a West Indian house hold.He was impacted very heavily by artist such as Bob Marley and Sizzla.


Now to date Trini has played over 250 shows both locally and abroad.He has opened up for the likes of Mobb Deep,WordsWorth and Pig Pooh just to name a few.He has written and recorded well over 1000 songs.Trini attended the Florida institute of Sound and Technology to learn how to mix and master his own tracks as well as set up live shows and work with music equipment.He is constantly networking and connecting with people in his city and online building his network.


Trini’s niche is Underground HipHop with a conscious Twist.He can come up with anything from hard hitting battle raps, intricate stories, songs about life and even a touching love song when the moment calls for it! He believes that music should not just entertain the audience but also connect, inform and educate them as well.


“Our ancient ancestors used music to heal and connect with the creator” Trini says.

“Music transcends all barriers of language, race, religion and creed, it is truly the universal language” He also adds. And on top of being an all around EMCEE Trini also incorporates his Trinidadian dialect into his raps as well adding extra flavor.He also produces instrumentals as well. This man is a jack of all trades and constantly refining his Mastery of them all.